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New version of NetNewsWire available!

NetNewsWire 2.1, from News Gator features extensive performance enhancements, universal binary support for Intel-based Macs, synchronization with the NewsGator Online platform, and a number of additional customer-requested features.

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Dave Winer’s idea to share OPML

Dave Winer, one of the most popular bloggers, has recently launched a site designed for the sharing of OPML. From Dave’s FAQ: OPML is “an XML-based format that allows exchange of outline-structured information between applications running on different operating systems and environments”. In short, it allows you to share information about which feeds you subscribe to, and how they should be organized. Check out Dave’s “Share your OPML” site now!

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Microsoft sees RSS coming into mainstream

Steve Balmer, CEO of Microsoft, recently touted the upcoming RSS Feed capabilities of Internet Explorer 7 and their upcoming Vista operating system.

“I think for a lot of you RSS feeds will increasingly be an important way for how you essentially allow your users to sign up to receive your messages,” Ballmer said.

The remarks were made at the recent Microsoft Strategic Account Summit.

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Using RSS to provide HTML content for your site

There is a discussion over at WebProNews about using RSS to provide fresh HTML content for your site. Several advantages include:

  • The content comes from feeds chosen by you, the webmaster
  • The content is fresh, ever changing. This is the kind of content Google loves!

Be sure to checkout the discussion: Converting RSS to HMTL!

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RSS Click Through Rates compare favorably with email

Pheedo reports that RSS feed click-through rates range from 7 to 11%. DoubleClick says the average e-mail CTR is only 8.3%. RSS is right with email, as far as Click-Through-Rates are concerned. Visitors using RSS are likely a more tech saavy group than the average internet user, but that will surely change as the mainstream embraces RSS over the next two years.

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RSS Marketing Study is underway!

An RSS marketing study is currently underway at The study will examine results, benchmarks, and best practices for using RSS in marketing campaigns. By participating in the study, you may see the results. RSS is becoming a vital part of every major site’s marketing plan – don’t be left behind!

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