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Should you create RSS Feeds on your site or host them elsewhere?

Should you create RSS Feeds on your site or host them elsewhere?

There are several ways to create RSS Feeds for your website. Some site owners and webmasters may find it helpful to use a RSS feed hosting service like, while others may want the RSS feed to come from their own site. There are, of course, advantages and disadvantages to each approach.

Advantages of using RSS feed hosting
One of the primary advantages of using a RSS feed hosting service like to create your RSS feed is that it is fast. A quick visit to the site, signup and immediately start creating your RSS feed. To create your custom RSS feed, you choose the title and then can immediately start adding RSS feed items. As you add RSS feed items, they are immediately shown in the feed. Add the code that provides to your website, and your feed is immediately available for subscribers and to be distributed by others across the web!

Another advantage is speed. Instead of researching the RSS Feed specification, programming your own xml, and adjusting your server details, you are immediately able to offer your feed. In an environment where time is money, it is sometimes nice to have something that “just works” and is done. If you are a web site owner with little technical expertise, RSS feed hosting can save you valuable time to pursue other business objectives for your web site.

A third advantage is bandwidth. If your hosting package comes with unlimited bandwidth, this is not really much of a concern. But if your hosting account has limits, it is important to consider how creating a RSS Feed can impact those limits. The nature of RSS Feeds is to be constantly polled by subscribers, RSS directories, and feed distribution partners. As your feed membership grows, it could impact your page load times or other server resources like bandwidth.

A RSS feed hosting service like will never be able to offer the customization that an expert programmer and webmaster could provide their feed. But with very little time and expertise, most webmasters and site owners appreciate being able to setup their RSS Feeds quickly, easily, and experiment with this exciting new technology.

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Tips for Promoting RSS Feeds

Site Reference has a new article Tips for Promoting RSS Feeds. Tha article is excellent at giving some quick tips on making sure your feed gets noticed and subscribed to by your users. Check it out!

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Using RSS to provide HTML content for your site

There is a discussion over at WebProNews about using RSS to provide fresh HTML content for your site. Several advantages include:

  • The content comes from feeds chosen by you, the webmaster
  • The content is fresh, ever changing. This is the kind of content Google loves!

Be sure to checkout the discussion: Converting RSS to HMTL!

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