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hey beautiful people, and hi to those not so beautiful like me. i just wanna say that we're not dead. yeah, it seems like it but that's cuz we didn't have a drummer to practice at back home. but now we're finishing up 8 demos and probably recording pre-production demos by the end of this month. Dunno yet which demos we'll keep and probably re-doing some and throwing away others. There will probably be three demos ready to be heard by the end of this month too, so yeah. ... and here it our track listing: 1. 87 Point Nine 2. Confusion 3. Can You See The Sunset From The South Side? 4. Aim Even If Missed 5. The Opening 6. Broken Strings 7. Worthless Intent 8. Withdrawal *For those wondering where our name is from, it's from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. "Blue, right? It's called Blue Ruin. The color. Snappy name, huh?" "Blue Ruin is a cheap gin, in case you're wondering." *AND we're not a studio band. I was asked if we were just a studio band the other day, and well ... we're not. We'll play shows and keep playing until my fingers bleed and fall off. tony

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we didn't start off so well this month but we were pretty lucky enough to jam out with Shane. he slightly impressed us so he's a keeper. we'll be working on The Attic EP when we're not with college, work, girlfriends, and the Bleu Ruin demo 06, now with Shane. We pretty much have Can You See The Sunset From The Southside and Broken Strings done and now we're working on a new song, Confusion. I really like that song, it's got a rock feeling to it. and plus, i wrote it. so yea. The demo will also include Worthless Intent, and either Confusion or Aim Even If Missed. i'm pretty excited about having Shane as a drummer now and it seems he's down for just about anything with bleu ruin. and i'm sure the rest of the band feels the same. so expect our demo out pretty damn soon. - tony

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