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Animals collide with awkward lonely strangers. Aliens stand stiff and speechless. Drunken Mermen join in isolated merriment. To strike the proverbial emotional chord from a billion miles away, or so close the object of affection cries solid blue tears and a waxy build up of rainbows, or maybe alien seduction and corruption competes for our attention. These artists share a bitter tenderness in ways The Bruise Team thought not only poignant but funny and fantastical. It is a fine tight-rope to walk upon, like animal magnetisim, a violent car crash, a greased pig, or unrequited love these artists know what it means to touch a nerve. We are happy to present to you this charming collection of purely polluted heart-rending joy.

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The Bruise is your creative playground. The Bruise is an interdisciplinary, collaborative research and production environment that will explore the intersections between art, sound, interactivity, intermedia and virtual space. The Bruise is your friendly contusion, your fibrous abundant quota. We go 50-50 with you. We seek to share, support and exchange ideas, images, sounds in the spirit of a FREE CULTURE - The mission of the Free Culture movement is to build a bottom-up, participatory structure to society and culture, rather than a top-down, closed, proprietary structure. A good example is the current "open source" development. What is posted on The Bruise will never be for sale or valued monetarily within the planned economy. The Bruise wants you to participate and help establish a different paradigm, one that supports the nurturing source of sustainability, ecology, human rights, and a defy the culture rooted in domination, egotism, and competition.

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