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Capoeira News Tue 20 Nov 07
No class on Dec 4 Tue and 6 Thur

  Tue 20 Nov 07 Fri 9 Nov 07
New videos of instructor Jensen added to our website! have a look!

  Fri  9 Nov 07 Sat 1 Nov 07
Did you catch us in today's SunStar newspaper!?!

 Sat 1 Nov 07Fri 26 Oct 07
No Class on Thursday Nov 1 as it is a public holiday.

Fri 26 Oct 07Tue 23 Oct 07
We have added a GUESTBOOK to our website! Leave a message, tell us that you visited our site, tell us what you thought of the class, etc.

Tue 23 Oct 07Mon 15 Oct 07
We have added photos of our first class. Click on "Academy" to see some or to see them all, go to our Friendster Gallery or our Facebook Gallery

Mon 15 Oct 07Fri 5 Oct 07
Last night's first class was an INCREDIBLE success! Thank you to all involved & who attended! Watch Balitang Bisdak GMA7 tonight to see a report about our class (look out for yourself on TV)! New students welcome to join next class! Photos of class will be uploaded shortly.

Fri 5 Oct 07Tue 2 Oct 07
Our Capoeira class is featured on page 13 of "The Freeman" newspaper in 'Bobit' Avila's column!

Tue 2 Oct 07Mon 01 Oct 07
GMA7 TV will send reporters to film the first class & interview us!! See you all at Oct 4 at the first class!!

Mon 01 Oct 07 Sun 30 Sep 07
Our Cebu Capoeira family is taking shape! We are receiving lots of interest (emails, texts, calls) for the classes- come join us and be part of the new Cebu Capoeira revolution!!

 Sun 30 Sep 07Thur 27 Sep 07
Capoeira in the Media section added! Capoeira clips from different movies, music clips, tv ads featuring capoeira

Thur 27 Sep 07Tue 18 Sep 07
Newer version of WWW.CAPOEIRA.PH Launhed! Our site is growing and there is far more coming!

Tue 18 Sep  07Mon 17 Sep 07
Location of classes confirmed at Sacred Heart Center Tue & Thur 6pm!

Mon 17 Sep 07Thur 13 Sep 07
Our Friendster Page created! Add yourself as a friend!

Thur 13 Sep 07