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Imagine doing a job where on can spend more time at home with one's family ,have true flexibilty in deciding one's working hours,rarely ever needing to travel,acquire job-skills that are valued highly in today's cut-throat competitive world and all this while you earn good money compared to all those tricksters promising 'greenbacks' for cheap spam generating work from home.This may sound like a pipedream but there is a job that pretty much gives you all of the above.We are talking about Medical Transcription. A medical transcriptionist transcribes or converts to text, dictated audio recordings from doctors and physicians and prepares medical reports from the same.He may also need to process hospital correspondence or other administrative documents related to the hospital.This is done by use of a headset to listen to the recorded dictation.These days transcriptionists also use foot pedals to introduce necessary pauses while listening to the audio recording. The job of a medical transcriptionist has a lot of job-security goingwith it.So long as people fall prey to diseases,get injured or visit a clinic for any possible reason, there will be jobs for medical transcriptionists. The only requirement for being a medical transcriptionist is a good command over English language,a fair knowledge of medical jargon and good skills in handling equipments required for transcriptioning work.

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Medical transcription can be termed as the process by which one correctly and speedily transcribes or converts to text ,the medical data & records dictated verbally by doctors.This includes the medical history ,medical reports, physical reports,official dictations, consultation dictations,discharge reports,psychiatric diagnosis reports, laboratory and x-ray room reports.These days,with our rising power ,many transcription establishments are setting base in India.A career in medical transcription doesn't even need one to attend office day in day out.One can earn good salary doing this work while working from home. Medical Transcription involves obtaining audio file dictation, and use of earphones(now-a-days,a foot pedal) for controlling and a text processing s/w. To become a successful transcriptionist,one needs to be talented with the constant use of English.

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Smriti Iyer was a thriving engineer in Mysore.She later married and soon had babies.Because of these events,she quit her job to care for her kids. This made her awkward as she was used to working unceasingly, while the new found inactivity was hurting her.And then she discovered the perfect path for herself - medical transcription.Now she earns Rs.15000 p.m. And she gets abundant time to spend with her kids too. Like her,there are numerous other people ,like those with disabilities,those with family members in need of help or those who need an additional source of income who have found comfort in the career of Medical transcriptioning.This provides one an opportunity to work from home as well as experience the joy of being financially independent.

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