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TheReeder.Com News FeedBig News Comin' atcha
June 9, 2006 (3:00pm): Hey Guys! I got quite a bit of news to throw at you today, I hope youíre ready for it! First off I want to start off by saying something to my wonderful girlfriend Layne, and her awesome sister Lexi: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I miss you Layne! & ks Lex! =P Anyway back to the comic. I'd just like to tell all of you that there are going to be a few changes coming soon. Right now Iím working on getting an RSS Feed together for both the Comics and our News post! This way you have constant information about what is going on here on the Reeder.Com. My spring quarter here at UCSC is almost up, and that means Iím going to be going home for the summer. Marc and I are going to spend a good amount of time in my first weeks back to really make the big changes. We are not longer happy with the way that the site looks. We have a few ideas, and we are going to see what we do. Finally, I'm starting to experiment with color. I've done a little work with it so far, but Iím not to happy with it quite yet. This whole Website/Comic is all new for me and I am learning as I am going. - Denis

Big News Comin' atchaReedermas!
June 7, 2006 (4:25pm): Alright guys, like Denis said, the PayPal account is up. We really want to get shirts and stickers for you guys. Reedermas is June 16th, just like it is every year and should be celebrated like a national holiday. Hug a rabbit and eat a carrot. It only comes once a year. - Austin

Reedermas!Support Our Rabbits
June 6, 2006 (11:47pm): I couldnít wait any longer. The Support Our Rabbits Page is finally up! My account with PayPal was finally approved sometime today, and Ali and I finish up making a few new Aim icons. Please click on the green ribbon to see what in the world I am even blabbering on about! Haha! If you want to help support our comics there is a list of ways that you can join in. - Denis

Support Our RabbitsAustin is ALIVE!
June 6, 2006 (1:01am): Well I am alive. So today is the spooky poopy day. It is all 6's and each part of my name has six letters, so I guess today I can be the devil. I just checked out and was pretty disappointed. I guess I was expecting it to be a satanic website, not some guy's blog. - Austin

Austin is ALIVE!DAY OF THE BEAST (update)
June(6) 6, 2006 (12:30am): THE DAY OF THE BEAST! The past couple days I've been slaving over something to post up on the web page some time this week! It'll be up soon, so keep on checking!

DAY OF THE BEAST (update)06+06+06 REED the OMEN
June 4, 2006 (3:03pm): 06+06+06 REED THE OMEN!!! That's right, the omen will hit the theaters Tuesday, but more importantly THE OMEN WILL HIT THE REEDER!! Log on Tuesday and REED the Omen! The Omen everyone is talking about will not stop, not even for our rabbits! - Denis

06+06+06 REED the OMENFanArt & Much More!
June 2, 2006 (3:26pm): To keep myself entertained, when I think of a random idea I am going to just draw it and post it when I think of it. Keeps you guys on your toes as well. Check out "Break Thru Lecture!" Also don't forget to check out the new FanArt section!! Submit your drawings to [email protected]!! Read the latest news bulletin or the forum to see what's ok to submit! - Denis

FanArt & Much More!Questions for y'all
June 1, 2006 (12:38am): Due to a recent drop in activity on the forums I have added a few new Boards for discussion. I've read through the suggestion board and took most of your suggestions. I'm not sure what I will keep and will not keep, but for now these are a few new boards: Art, Roleplay, and Q&A. If anyone else has any suggestions please sign up on the forum and tell me what it is you would like to see both on the forum AND on the site. I want to make this as interactive as i possible can for everyone. I had an idea (which i stole from whiteninjacomics) How do you guys feel about fan art? You can draw variations on our comics (how you think they should have been told) or make up your own. You'd send them into us, and I'd have a link to different pieces up on the main page? If you like the idea. E-mail me [email protected] or Tell me on the forums. Thanks guys. - Denis

Questions for y'allGNOME OVER!
May 27, 2006 (3:42am): Tonight is the night! i just finished drawing it... THE END of "THE GNOME!!!!" Log on tonight after 10pm for the exciting conclusion, and feel free to chat with us directly after on the forums!! Hope to see ya'll there! - Denis

GNOME OVER!intermission
May 26, 2006 (1:09am): The exciting conclusion of "THE GNOME!" will be continued shortly...but till then, please enjoy an intermission! - Denis

intermissionBanners & Forum Ramblings
May 09, 2006 (6:19pm): Ali and I just finished a new banner for the site and we placed it in the Forums. Check it out! Itís in the ďSupport Our RabbitsĒ thread and if you want to help support the site post it around for people to see! Also, Iím very excited and thankful to all of you for helping to get the forum going! It's only been a week and we have grown so much already! I'd really like to encourage that everyone invites their friends to join in as well. I donít know about you guys, but Iíve been having fun on the board! Anyway, I hope to continue to see you guys on there, and hopefully some of your friends as well! - Denis

Banners & Forum RamblingsFeel free to stop by:
May 06, 2006 (12:40am): Hey guys! This week is the first week that the message board will be up as we post a new comic, please feel free to comment your thoughts about the new comic on the board! thank you very much! -Denis

Feel free to stop by:a few thanks
May 04, 2006 (1:44am): Quick Updates: The forum is up and fully operational! Just click the big yellow thing and follow the directions from there... I should have gone to bed along time ago, but I realized that the forum didnít feel that friendly, also it felt too far away from the real site! So I went ahead and made a few pretty big changes! (its only been up for two days and I was already unhappy!) I'd really like to thank Zach Sax, and Ali Showkati for really getting the message board going! Other News: I said this last time, but I wanted to re-say it. The comics for the whole month of May are done! So please stop by ever Saturday night and check out the latest! Then feel free to hop on over to the forum and tell us what you think! p.s. sorry that ya'll are gonna have register to see the forum, but there are no strings attached and we are all friends here so feel free and safe to talk about anything! -Denis

a few thanksMay Line-Up & FORUM!
May 03, 2006 (2:43pm): I'd like to start by telling you all that i have a whole line up for the month of May already drawn out! So please come every saturday night(ish) and check it out! im really excited. Hopefully one day i can get better at drawing these things and get more out to you guys, and i am sorry that its been taking a while to get things up and going. Apparently Austin thinks that this site is his own personal Myspace or Livejoural!!!! haha. Look down there V to read his entry. Anyway, for any of you that care about OLD news (from austin or me) you can go ahead and click on the little news button right above what im blabbing about right now to see more! FINALLY, The message board is also up, we finished it tonight! CHECK IT OUT! Chat with us! -Denis

May Line-Up & FORUM!Austin's Journey to Coachella
May 01, 2006 (12:16pm): Ah, what a fun weekend. I just got back from Coachella and it was a lot of fun. The comic was a bit late coming up because both me and Denis had lives Saturday night. Strange, I know. Anyways, Coachella was so awesome. I had to cut it short though and only go to day one because of my procrastination. I still had a bunch of homework to do and a final. Did anybody else go? Let us know over at Myspace. I saw: Depeche Mode Daft Punk Franz Ferdinand Sigur Ros Damian Jr Gong Marley Common Kanye West Animal Collective Devendra Banhart The Walkmen Audio Bullys Lady Sovereign Deerhoof Matt Costa The New Amsterdams The Zutons Joey Beltram The Section Quartet Oh yea, and today is that strike day for the Latinos... Viva la, - Austin

Austin's Journey to Coachellathe flu of death!
April 22, 2006 (10:49pm): I have the flu! >_< Thank God that Austin figured out the coding w/o Marc or my assistance. Anyway, The point of my pointless news is to remind you all to make comments on the Myspace (untill we make some sort of bulletin board). Tell us what you think of the new comics! We need feed back to find out what you guys find funny or not. Anyways, thanks for checking out the site! -Denis

the flu of death!GRAND OPENING!
April 22, 2006 (9:32pm): Well here you guys go. A brand new website for you to look at! Have fun exploring the website, there are some new comics up that we didn't have time to post these past few weeks because Denis and I were on a road trip to Washington. We had a lot of fun on the trip and really enjoyed our spring break. There are still a few little things that we want to fix on the site, but I was the only one on and was trying to figureout all the HTML stuff by myself. So I guess if you can read this I got it. I guess we need to have Marc clean up the scraps I left behind. Anyways, poop on you. -Austin

GRAND OPENING!it's coming close
March 28, 2006 (3:37am): It's getting so close I can feel it, we added a background (all thanks to Ali), as well as tables with borders to close everything in for a more professional look. By the end of spring break the site will definitely be up, and all of you who are reading this (after the release) are hopefully as excited as I am! Man oh man, no more late nights slaving over endless html and css! - Denis

it's coming closeHow I Spent My Spring Vacation:
March 27, 2006 (3:44am): Well, we are up late again doing what we can to get this site finished up by the end of my spring break. The archive is now fully operational, all the navigational bars link to the places that they should be going and the about page is starting to come together. Last night Marc and I actually ended up staying up until 10 am! So, I am hoping to not repeat last night this evening. I decided to write a quick update while Marc is doing some last minute tweaks to make things look a little cleaner. I canít wait to have this site up!! The time is coming soon! -Denis

How I Spent My Spring Vacation:Delirium
March 25, 2006 (3:57am): Hey guys, Marc and I have been working hard all night to get this site up and running. It seems like we have almost pulled an all nighter... we obviously havn't had nearly enough caffeine and have listened to the Jack's Mannequin album one too many times...delirium is definately setting as I found my self laughing at for at least 20mins (not because it's funny...but because Ali Mentioned Reeder Rabbit on his Pod Cast and when I heard my name, the giggles poured out! The site is almost up so don't worry your little heads! If anyone is actually looking at this before its all done, i hope you are planning on returning, because we got alot more coming for you in the weeks to come. =P