David Soard, Chinese Shaolin Center

Chinese Shao-lin Center Teaches Chinese Shao-lin Kung Fu For Health, Mental And Physical Conditioning And Self-defense. The Curriculum Encompasses Empty Hand, Animal Styles,and Classical Weapon Styles. Internal Areas Include; T'ai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang, Breathing And Meditation.

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8th Degree Elder David N. Soard has studied the art of Shao-Lin Kung Fu for over 37 years. They created and founded the first Chinese Shao-Lin Center in 1979 in Denver, Colorado. Last year marked 30 years of the Elder Masters teaching in Colorado! Elder Master David Soard will be leading special festivals and events throughout the year across the country.

David SoardDavid Soard
David Soard teaches Chinese Shao-Lin Kung Fu for health, mental and physical conditioning and self-defense. The curriculum encompasses empty hand, animal styles,and classical weapon styles. Internal areas include; Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang, breathing and meditation. David Soard is a Kung Fu Instructor at Chinese Shao-Lin Center, Denver / Boulder Colorado.

David Soard