Saltwater Fishing Equipment, Gear, Tackle, and Supply Store is an online fishing tackle retail store specializing in saltwater fishing products, fishing equipment, gear and supplies. We sell saltwater fishing rods and reels, fishing lures, fishing kites, electric fishing reels, and a wide variety of saltwater fishing accessories. Our specialties include deep drop tackle, fishing kites, as well as professional tournament fishing equipment. Store visitors will appreciate our vast selection of big game deep sea fishing equipment to catch Swordfish, Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo, Dolphin, Cobia, Sailfish, Kingfish King Mackerel, as well as such cold water species such as Cod, Halibut, and Salmon. Google Checkout, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and Discover Credit Cards are welcomed.

Sceptre Fishing Rods
America's newest fishing rods, specializing in Kingfish, Sailfish, King Mackerel, and Standup Fishing Rods. Come see our tournament proven Kingfish Tournament Series.

Avet Fishing Reels
Come see the new Avet SX 2 Speed reel, and our complete line of Avet Fishing Reels. We now have our new BMC Avet LX 6 Kingfish Tournament Series Reel. Excellent for Kingfish, Sailfish, as well as Stripers. This reel is the perfect companion to our Sceptre Kingfish Tournament Series Rods.

BMC's Complete Saltwater Fishing Equipment Links
At we specialize in offshore big game fishing, deep drop, and Kingfish tournament equipment, gear, supplies, and tackle.

Saltwater Fishing Rods
At BlueMarlinChronicles we specialize in offshore big game fishing. Come see our huge selection of Crowder, Alutecnos, and Sceptre Fishing Rods.

Saltwater Fishing Reels
At we feature quality saltwater fishing reels from Avet, Shimano, Kristal, Precision, Quantum, Duel, and Alutecnos.

Deep Drop Fishing Equipment, Reels, Rods, Tackle, & Supplies.
At we feature quality deep drop equipment, reels, rods, hooks, supplies, tackle, and others. We feature Kristal Electric Fishing Reels, Crowder Deep Drop Rods, and others. Our best price guarantee assures you your best deal. Call us today for your special price!

Kristal Electric Fishing Reels for Deep Drop.
At we feature Kristal Electric Fishing Reels.

Deep Drop Rod and Reel Combos and Complete Tackle Packages
At we feature quality deep drop combos featuring Kristal Reels and Crowder Fishing Rods.

Kingfish Tournament Tackle, Equipment, Gear, and Supplies.
At we specialize in kingfish tournament gear including rod and reel combos, fishing kites, bait oxygen systems, helium systems, and more.

Fishing Lights
At we feature the best fishing lights manufactured in the USA. Come see our entire inventory of fishing lights. Prices starting at $43.99

Saltwater Fishing Lures, Plugs, and Jigs
At we feature quality saltwater fishing lures from BallyHood, Spark A Lure, Tormenter Tackle, Rapala, Bahama Lures, TurboRattler Kingfish Lures, TurboRattler Kingfish Rigs, Iland Lures, and others.

Fishing Kites, Electric Kite Reels, and Helium Balloon Inflation Systems for Kite Fishing.
At we feature SFE Fishing Kites, BMC Sparless Parafoil Fishing Kites, Helium Inflation systems, BMC 40 inch re-usable helium balloons, kite rings, kite line markers, Kristal 601 electric kite fishing reel, and much more.

Weekly South Florida Fishing Report PodCast
Listen to South Florida's most complete fishing report Radio Blue Marlin the voice of is updated weekly on Friday mornings.

Avet EX Lever Drag Single and Two Speed Reels
See the Avet Model EX Reels at At BMC we are Avet Reel Specialists.

Avet JX Reels
The Avet JX reel's narrow spool design makes it the ideal reel to use for deep jigging jigs such as assist hook jigs, knife jigs, and vertical jigs. See the entire line of Avet JX reels at

Avet LX Fishing Reels
See the new BMC Avet LX 6 Kingfish Tournament Series Reel and all the other Avet LX Model Fishing Reels.

Avet MX Series Fishing Reels
The Avet MX is the ideal 12 to 20 LB Class conventional reel. Don't let the size of this reel fool you. The Avet MX has the power to land an 11 Foot Hammerhead Shark! The one piece aluminum reel and 16 LB Max Drag setting, makes the Avet MX the most versatile and strongest conventional reel in this category.

Avet SX Fishing Reel
See the NEW Avet SX 2 Speed Reel. Now available at The Avet SX Reel is the strongest one piece aluminum frame lever drag reel in the 8 to 12 LB Test reel category.

Avet Pro-EX Big Game Fishing Reels
Avet's big game fishing reels are the most powerful big game fishing reels in the world. Avet's one piece aluminum frame design, and 2 speed feature allows these reels to assist you in catching the biggest fish in the sea. The new Avet Pro-EX 80 will be available very soon!

Avet TRX Quad Fishing Reels
At a max drag setting of 100 LBS, the Avet TRX Quad will be the last big game reel you will ever buy! Spooled with 200 LB Spectra this reel will complete your offshore big game fishing arsenal.

Rod and Reel Fishing Combos, Sets, to catch Kingfish, Sailfish, and Striped Bass.
We have several rod and reel combos available. These combos are ideal for catching Kingfish, Sailfish, Striped Bass, Dolphin, Wahoo, Tuna, Marlin, and others. Featuring Sceptre and Crowder Fishing Rods, Avet, Shimano, and Quantum Fishing Reels.

Big Game Fishing Hooks by Quick Rig
See our entire selection of big game fishing hooks by Quick Rig Tackle. We have the new Hay's Fishing Hooks which were recently featured in Marlin Magazine.

Tuna Fishing Hooks by Quick Rig Tackle
See the new Quick Rig Southern Tuna, Southern Tuna Magic, and Tuna Chunking hooks. These are the world's best and strongest tuna hooks. Sizes up to 18/0, ringed and unringed hooks. Our Swiveled Tuna Chunking hooks are the most unique tuna hooks in today's market. At we carry the entire line of Quick Rig Hooks.

Deep Drop Circle Hooks and Complete Rigs
Our Deep Drop rigs feature Quick Rig's Charlie Brown Circle Hooks. The Charlie Brown is the number one choice of deep drop anglers. Come see why these hooks are in such high demand. At we have the entire line of Charlie Brown Circle Hooks by Quick Rig Tackle.

Shimano Fishing Reels
At we feature Shimano Fishing Reels. We carry the TLD, Torium, Bait Runner, and Spheros models.

Quantum Saltwater Boca and Cabo Fishing Reels
At we proudly feature America's BEST spinning reels! Quantum. The Quantum Boca and Cabo series were designed to be used in the harsh saltwater environment. Quality Materials and impeccable craftsmanship separate these reels from all others.

Alutecnos Big Game Fishing Reels
At we carry the entire line of Alutecnos Big Game Fishing Reels. Featuring the popular Albacore and Veloce high speed reels.

TurboRattler Kingfish Lures Carolina Rigs and Ribbonfish Rigs
At we feature the entire line of America's most successful kingfish tournament lure. A winner and favorite amongst kingfish tournament anglers.