Bulk headphones for schools

School classrooms need bulk headphones, just to avoid issues with hygiene etc. Even the toughest headphones aren't durable enough for some school environments - and that is where bulk disposable headphones make a better choice.

Bulk headphones for schoolsSchool headphones for classroom testing
Because a large part of WIDA assessment happens online, it is crucial that students have the proper equipment to utilize the testing platform. Use of headphones that block out unwanted background noise allow young English language learners to focus on their test without becoming distracted. Additionally, comfort-enhancing features such as a padded headband and soft earcups can help boost students\' performance and keep them on task.

School headphones for classroom testingbulk headphones for schools
Schools need to make the right choices for headphones. If multilingual learners at your school will be participating in WIDA testing, it\'s time to start considering how to ensure that they are well-prepared with all the essential tools they need to do their best. One of the key components of success is having the right equipment.

bulk headphones for schools