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San Diejo Realtors Blog! The Real ViewWhat the !@$%& Do We Know?
Kristal Kraft's blog stirred up a lot of discussion, and several responses mentioned that long-tailed film, What the Bleep Do We Know?

What the !@$%& Do We Know?Moodys: A Third of All Cities to be Hit....
But no crash is seen in the vast majority of U.S. metropoli (sic), according to a new report issued by Moody's

Moodys: A Third of All Cities to be Hit....Home Pricing Strategies
Real estate pricing has become a minefield, particularly for homebuyers and homesellers in volatile markets such as California, Nevada, Arizona and other former hot spots.

Home Pricing StrategiesSkype on Websites? Skype in Life.
Perhaps I am a dinosaur for just downloading Skype.

Skype on Websites? Skype in Life.Active Rain on the News Map
If anyone here doubts the value of blogging or the power of this Active Rain forum, think again.

Active Rain on the News MapResearch Nuggets
I believe sellers want the reassurance that we have potential buyers for their homes and the proof of that is in our databases. Tim's blog is certainly worth a visit!

Research NuggetsBlog Enhancement
shouldn't be giving secrets away, but for years I have been struggling with an idea that was difficult to translate into a website.

Blog EnhancementOption ARMs Revisited
It is hard being a new blogger. Sometimes you are heard and sometimes you're not.

Option ARMs RevisitedLong Tail: 101
I have only begun to wrap my brain around the concept of "long tail" as it applies to real estate searches.

Long Tail: 101Life Emergencies....
This morning started off early, responding to emails from prospective clients and seeing a son off to school.

Life Emergencies....Social Networking for Dollar$
With the recent discussions regarding disintermediation in the real estate field, I thought this novel approach might raise the interest and hackles of some Rainers.

Social Networking for Dollar$Condo Conversions Grind to a Halt
at least in the San Diego market. This morning's front page of the San Diego Union Tribune discussed the condo conversion craze, which San Diego once embraced.

Condo Conversions Grind to a HaltIs There a Best Time for Blogging?
Beats me. I saw Max Chirkov's response somewhere that he learned not to post on Friday nights.

Is There a Best Time for Blogging?Turn Your Listings into a Story
It has been a long day of finalizing a tough offer and counseling another client about the pros and cons of resorting to a short sale.

Turn Your Listings into a StoryActive Rain Blogs on Inman News
Recall last week's raging controversy regarding the practice of relisting properties on the MLS so they would have a "fresher" appearance?

Active Rain Blogs on Inman NewsReal Estate Agents and Loan Fraud
This is a continuation of the loan fraud discussion.

Real Estate Agents and Loan FraudSpiders for Dummies
As I understand the process, search engine "spiders" crawl the web incessantly and do little other than index web pages.

Spiders for DummiesIt's Bloody Out There
Three weeks ago the Seller was on Jupiter and the Buyer was on Mars.

It's Bloody Out ThereHow to Put Lipstick on a Pig
We all know this nightmare listing: Front yard is full of weeds, car parts, rusted bicycle frames, has a boat parked to the side of lot near the leaning fence.

How to Put Lipstick on a PigWorking the Bank....
It was time well-spent: A probable listing that will likely result in a lease option or short sale.

Working the Bank....Hot Buyer's Market?
Real Estate Brokers Gloomy About the Market headlined the Business section of the San Diego Union Tribune this morning.

Hot Buyer's Market?